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My name’s Blue, the spunky little mascot of Blue Wolf Studios. I’m an artist and animator with a passion for telling stories with animal characters.

Here at Blue Wolf Studios, we’re dedicated to telling meaningful stories that take you on an animated adventure into life’s shared experiences and a journey of self discovery.


We’re always learning and growing, and work hard to make each film better than the last.

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Wolf and Bear: Season of Change

As Fall comes to an end, Wolf looks forward to all the winter fun he's going to have with Bear. But, unfortunately, Bear can't stick around and Wolf is left alone.

Magic Moment

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry but the results can turn out to be magical.


A fox is caught in an endless loop of different paths that all lead back to the same place.


Blue Wolf Studios First Animated Short Film


Follow the adventures of the friendship between a bird and a plant dog.

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